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Bringing forward the Final Bidding Stage (FBS)

Modified on: Fri, 28 May, 2021 at 1:54 PM

If you’re getting close to reserve and buyer interest is dropping off, it’s time to consider moving the final bidding stage forward and get the competition started.

  1. Contact your Auctioneer to confirm they are available for the new date
  2. Contact your Buyers and Sellers, to confirm they are available on the new date
  3. Once all buyers have accepted the proposed date/time change, update the date & time of the FBS on the app. This will send an automated email to all buyers, sellers and those that have registered interest. 
  4. Add the Final Bidding Stage date to your portals, 2-3 days prior to the Final Bidding Stage.
Remember, when changes to the FBS date or time are made, buyers must be provided with a minimum of 12 hours notice, as agreed to in the Buyer Terms of Use.

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