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What to do when you have no bids (SMS/Email)

Modified on: Fri, 31 Jul, 2020 at 3:10 PM

If you are not getting bids, there are likely one of two reasons:

You are not getting enough enquiries/opportunitiesReview your advertisement. Look at your price field, your property description, and your background price and aim to make your ad more attractive. Call your coach for help.
You're not converting your many enquiries/opportunities into biddersWork on your buyer dialogue. You are possibly revealing too much information to buyers about your price expectations, or the expectations of the seller.

You may also be deterring buyers with your explanation of Openn Negotiation. 

Please call your Agent Coach for a specific strategy for your needs.

Here is something to send to everybody who has visited the property or shown interest and explain the process.


Thank you for your recent interest in PROPERTY ADDRESS. Please confirm you are no longer interested in the property so that we can move forward with other buyers. Here is a great video explaining what you could expect if you participate 

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