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Solutions when buyers are not enquiring at all

Modified on: Fri, 31 Jul, 2020 at 2:46 PM

Follow the following steps to diagnose why buyers are not enquiring

  1. Revisit the suggestions from 3-5 days after launch for how you can improve your marketing and make the text in your price display field irresistible and create the impression that this could be a wonderful buying opportunity in order to attract buyers.
    If your seller objects to this urgent language, explain to them that in current market conditions buyers need to believe they are getting a great deal or they won't inspect the property at all.
  2. Begin reducing the background price on a weekly or twice-weekly basis*. The lower your background price, the more buyer engagement you are likely to get.

  3. Review your weekly report from REA/Domain to confirm you are getting more buyer engagement than comparable nearby properties. This should be the case with correct price display field, background price and property descriptions.
    If you are NOT getting more buyer engagement than comparable properties, you may have misjudged your background price and it may need to be lowered even further.
    If you ARE getting more buyer engagement than comparable properties, you can be certain that those competing properties are not getting any buyer enquiries either. You are in a better position to get sold in a timely manner with Openn than without Openn!
  4. Delay your final bidding stage if required and be honest with your seller about the strategy. Show them the REA/Domain reports and use the Openn experience to educate them so when that first bid/offer does comes along, you can get the deal done.

Here are more tips for your listing to get more enquiries:

  • Make sure your photos are attractive - especially the hero image
  • Rotate the hero image on a regular basis and tweak/change the text in your price display field
  • Stage the property
  • Upgrade your advertisements to ensure premium placement in search results.

* in some States/instances, you may be required to re-appraise the property and/or get vendor consent in order to make changes. Adhere to your state's regulations at all times. 

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