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How to assign a Team to a listing

Modified on: Wed, 1 Jun, 2022 at 3:37 PM

It is now possible to assign a team of Agents and Agency Admins to a particular listing. This will lighten the workload for an agent and allow agents that work regularly in teams, share the workload and the listing statistics.

To update your team on a listing:

  1. Navigate to the listing and select Edit Property
  2. Go to the Team tab
  3. Select up to 2 associated co-listers and 2 Agency Admins
    Note, any co listing agent or Agency Admin will have the permissions available to the listing agent such as approving bidders/progressing bids, setting the reserve price and minimum increment 
  4. Select your Auctioneer and Remote Assist, if applicable
  5. Save the page

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