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Solutions when Buyers are waiting to place a bid

Modified on: Thu, 26 Nov, 2020 at 12:02 PM

Create urgency/fear-of-missing-out to convince these buyers that they might miss out on an exceptional buying opportunity if they fail to place a bid NOW!

When a buyer likes the property, but they are waiting before placing their bid, they need to understand that, by waiting, they risk missing out on the property altogether.

An SMS like this can be a great tool for motivating tentative buyers and making them call/reply to say that they ARE interested (so you can reply with 'Then you need to register ASAP!').

"Thank you for your recent interest in PROPERTY ADDRESS. Please confirm you are no longer interested in the property so that we can move forward with other buyers. Regards Agent "**Include a link to the advertisement as well**"

Below is some verbal dialogue to use when a buyer is waiting to submit their starting price
  • You are not the only buyer who has expressed tentative interest in this property.
  • My seller is keen to sell ASAP, and when our opening bid does arrive (which we expect very soon), I will be working hard to secure the sale for my client as quickly as I can
  • My seller is pushing me to secure a sale
  • I'm concerned that somebody else is going to buy this property for less than you're willing to pay
  • It doesn’t really matter what price you start with, but interested parties need to submit a pending bid asap
  • Are you genuinely interested in this property?
  • When do you think you can get your bid submitted by?

The buyer then either commits to a timeframe, OR asks you to contact them AFTER another bid arrives, in which case, you can say something like this:

"When the first bid arrives, my client will not want to risk our opportunity to sell by waiting around for the buyers who have expressed tentative interest to register and complete the required paperwork. That’s why I’m having this discussion with you right now. Do you think you can have a pending bid submitted by <time/date>?"

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