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How to upload to Openn Offers, step by step

Modified on: Thu, 6 Oct, 2022 at 10:23 AM

If you need any assistance when uploading your property or during your campaign, please contact your dedicated Campaign Strategist. If you do not know who your Campaign Strategist is, call 1800 667 366 to be connected.
Before you list, it is recommended that you have received in writing a confirmation from the Seller of their approval to sell via Openn Offers (private treaty) on Openn.
  • Go to and log in as the Agent who is listing the property or as Agency Admin.

  • Click on the plus Add Property button to create a new property.

  • Select Sales Method as Private Treaty

  • Complete each section from Details to Listing including uploading 5-7 images and including copies of Contracts and Annexures, where applicable.

  • On the Listings tab, note the following
    1. Display Price - Enter phrase or text such as 'From $999,000' that will be displayed for all viewers

    2. Minimum Offer Increment - To avoid small offer increments at the start of the campaign, enter in a reasonable increment at this point and adjust through the campaign as needed.
      This increment applies to each user's existing offer. ie, with a $5,000 increment, a buyer that has offered $800,000 must increase their offer to a minimum $805,000 even if another buyer has an offer at $810,000.
    3. Final Offer Stage - The app will default a date for 4 weeks in the future that you can revise as you wish.

    4. Options - There are now 5 options available to choose; Allow Offers, Allow Observers, Show Offer Value*, Show Offer Ranking and Show Unconditional Offers. It is possible to Allow Register Interest without Allow Offers and vice versa so this is entirely in your control based on your strategy and gives you, the Agent, complete flexiblity.
      • Allow Offers - check this box if you are ready to start accepting offers. If you leave this unchecked, users will be able to see the listing but will not be able to place an offer. 
      • Allow Observers - You can update this option at any time throughout the campaign. There are some strategies behind when you should turn this on and we recommend you talking direct with your Campaign Strategist for support. Observer user information is only visible to the Agent.
        Users have have joined as an observer are considered to be part of this private forum and will be able to see offers if this feature is checked. 
      • Show Offer Value* - Choose whether or not you want buyers to see the amounts other buyers have offered.
      • Show Offer Ranking -  Select if you want to display a leaderboard which will rank offers by value. This does not consider if an offer has more favourable terms. If this is not selected, buyers will only see a 'buyer' table with offers displayed in the order they are received.
      • Show Unconditional Offers - This feature will allow your buyers and observers to see if a particular offer/buyer is unconditional and referenced by a 'gold star' icon.

  • Select Launch and you will be required to enter a credit card payment. If you have a voucher code, you will still need to enter full credit card details before entering your code before your order is adjusted.

  • Following payment, your listing is now live on!

*Show offer value not available for South Australian listings


The next step is to list the property on web portals, ie, REA, Domain, etc, and prepare for your next inspection to direct buyers to Openn Offers to place their offer.

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