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Using the 'Observe' function

Modified on: Mon, 21 Feb, 2022 at 3:56 PM

It is recommended you turn Observers off in the initial stages of your campaign to ensure your buyers are not 'waiting' to place their starting price. 

If/when you're confident that your property is going to be successful and the listing will sell during the Final Bidding Stage, you should allow Observers on the negotiation.

Invite as many people as possible to see your success! People to invite include:

  • Potential future sellers
  • People in the surrounding street/neighbourhood
  • Landlords in your rent roll
  • If you have any stale listings, invite your sellers. Openn is a very effective way to re-invigorate campaigns that are stagnating
  • Tell your seller to invite their friends and family to register their interest - Use this email template
  • If your seller knows anybody who is thinking about selling, those people should probably observe too, so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not Openn Negotiation is the right method for them to use to sell their property


From your Negotiation screen

  • Select Edit Property > Listing
  • Check Allow Observers

Then, invite as many people as possible (especially future sellers) to register their interest! 

Bidders will see the number of observers and a big observer number enhances the perceived value of the property. Plus, you have a nice list of people to call and offer an appraisal.

Enlist your seller to help get a better price by sending this Email (just copy and paste) 

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