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Price transparency with Openn Offers

Modified on: Thu, 2 Jun, 2022 at 1:31 PM

When uploading your listing, you will have the ability to choose the following in regards to price transparency for your participating buyers:

  1. Show Offer Value
  2. Show Offer Ranking
  3. Show Unconditional Offers 


Selecting to Show Offer Value will enable all qualified buyers to see the complete Offer Timeline with every offer placed by each buyer along with a summary of the Leaderboard and the current highest offer value ranking.
If you have not selected to show offer value, qualified buyers will see the Offer Timeline and a list of Buyers, identified with a paddle number and a ranking of the offer value only.

Users that are observing the sale and are not a qualified buyer, will see the value of offers or indicators of unconditional offers if the Show Offer Value feature is turned on.
If you choose to not turn on Show Offer Value, you can still verbally disclose the offer value to your participating buyers as you would in a normal private treaty/sale.


Selecting to show Offer Ranking will change the Buyer tab to Leaderboard and each paddle will be listed in order of offer from highest to lowest. 


Selecting to Show Unconditional Offers will allow qualified buyers and observers to see which offers are unconditional and therefore, may be more favourable to the Vendor. Unconditional Offers are indicated by a yellow star on the Offer Timeline and Leaderboard table

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