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Deleting a bid through Resubmit

Modified on: Thu, 30 Jun, 2022 at 3:57 PM

It is not possible to delete a bid from a negotiation. The only status available for a bid is Pending, Resubmit or Accepted. 

In the event the bid was made in error, the buyer has already been outbid or you've been unable to get the Buyer to complete documentation, we recommend you select to 'RESUBMIT BID'.

  1. Click the Buyer Name or the MANAGE button to the far right of the bidder name
  2. Select RESUBMIT BID 

This will allow the Buyer to either place another bid or at the very least, give them a confirmation that their pending bid is no longer active. 

It is considered best practice to change all your Pending bids to Resubmit in advance of the Final Bidding Stage.

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